Go-kart racing is a popular motorsports track racing. The racing vehicle is called the go-kart, and they are four-wheeled vehicles. They race in a well-defined circuit either outdoor or indoors. Karting can be done for fun by everyone or by professionals. For beginners, below are important guidelines to follow before going for go-kart racing.

What to Wear

When going karting, it is advisable you wear comfortable clothes like a jean and t-shirt. Avoid too tight clothes, heeled shoes, and jewellery. You can come with your gear or will be given protective go-kart gear before the race. The protective equipment includes an overall suit, helmet, gloves, neck protection, rib protection, proper shoes, outer, and innerwear. The importance of gear is to make sure you are secured in case of go-kart accidents especially in races. But it is not a must you wear all the protective gear.

Choose the Right Kart

When picking the go-kart, make sure to choose one that will meet your skill level since they are designed for different levels of abilities. You can select either the super kart, rookie kart, and the two-seater kart. For beginners, the rookie kart is recommended, and once they learn the basics, they can upgrade to super karts. The instructor will guide you on this.

Sitting Position

Getting to the kart and sitting in the right posture can be a challenge. The instructor will explain how you should get to the kart and sit well. You should be able to reach the pedals with your legs slightly bent comfortably. You should also reach the steering wheel without leaning forward. The best way to grip the wheel is by placing the hands in a quarter-to-three position to have good control, especially during round turns. Adjust your seat until you comfortably reach the steering wheel and the pedals.

How to Drive the Kart

The right pedal is the accelerator and left is the brake. Do not the press both pedals the same time, and avoid pressing too hard since the harder you press, the faster your kart will go or brake. Be familiar with the brake and accelerator timing. Press the accelerator pedal gently until you move. Maintain momentum by driving smoothly and looking ahead to avoid the need for sudden breaks and effective overtaking. Driving straight helps to maintain your speed and keep distance to avoid banging into other drivers. The first few laps should be a practice of learning your kart as well as how to drive it.

Go-karting is an exhilarating sport, and you need your first experience to be unforgettable. Whether you are going with your family, friends, or workmates, you will all have various karts to choose. Just choose the best kart for you and follow the above guidelines and you will experience the best of go-kart racing.