Go-kart racing has become very popular around the world. It is not only done for fun, but it’s also a super-competitive sport. Go-kart tracks have developed, and they range from outdoor tracks, race tracks, and soapbox derby. Below, we discuss some of the best go-kart tracks around the world.

Kart Kountry, Shepherdsville, Kentucky

If you have ever longed to go racing at the world’s longest go-kart track, Kart Kountry is the place to be. It is 1.5 miles long. It has kiddie karts for kids aged 5-7 years. This track is used for recreational and professional racing.

Dubai Autodrome, Dubai UAE

The Autodrome has many sections; Kartdrome being one of them is a stylish and the longest karting circuit in the world. The Autodrome is 3.349 miles long, the Kartdrome being 0.746 miles. The Kartdrome is so advanced that they have hosted several international go-kart competitions including rounds of the Biland World Finals and the Middle East Karting Championship.

Lydd Kart Circuit, Kent, England

This track is an official racing circuit in England which is 0.645 miles long. It is an outdoor go-kart circuit in Kent and England. It hosts owner drivers and casual/fun racers. If you are looking for go-kart experience on another level, Lydd is the place to visit.

Fastimes. Indianapolis, Indiana

Fastimes is a go-kart track that offers amazing indoor go-kart experience. This family-owned facility offers racing options like you can choose the Arrive & Drive racing, VIP gatherings, team-building events and membership, and gift cards.

Jim Hall Track Time, Ventura, California

Jim Hall is a high-end track which has a length of around 0.444 miles. Here, you can experience fast go-kart racing since the track is made from real bitumen, giving the track an excellent finish. Here, there is no age limit only 4’6 ″ minimum height is required making it suitable for a family day out.

Mosport International, Ontario, Canada

This track is located adjacent to the World Famous Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, and it hosts the worlds most competitive go-kart racing. This international go-kart facility is in the Canadian Tire Motor-Sport Complex, it offers the most exquisite karting experience for both rookies and professional racers.

Rye House Kart Raceway, Hertfordshire, England

Rye House is the oldest kart circuit in England. It hosts many national and international go-kart competitions. It offers an exceptional racing experience ranging from Arrive and Drive go-kart sessions to endurance races among others. It is known for supporting and producing worlds racing big names including Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

The go-kart tracks are many, but we have discussed the coolest you should visit. Taking your family or going for team building for racing in the worlds freshest tracks, the experience is unimaginable. The above tracks have been build to offer one of the best racing experience with sheer fun for both recreational and professional racers.