Go-kart racing has become a popular recreational activity. Some do it for fun only for it to turn out as a career later. While it may seem similar to a car, a go-kart is quite different and needs extra care when driving. In this article, we have listed the common mistakes kart racing beginners make when behind the wheel. Undoubtedly It is better to avoid them at all costs if you want the best experience.

Do Not Move Hands off the Wheel

Unlike cars where you can move your hands off the steering wheel, karts have a very sensitive wheel, so it is not advisable to leave the wheel. Instead, place your hands in a quarter-to-three position throughout the race. This not only gives you precise control over the kart but also enables you to react to slides faster and with much precision.

Braking Hard to Slow Down

It will be a mistake to accelerate on the straightway and then slam on the breaks in the curves. This will not work and may even make you spin out. Braking from a distance is an option, but you should not depend solely on it. The best way is to decelerate as you move to the turn and immediately accelerate gently as you exit the curve. Remember not to decelerate too early since you need the speed to win the race.

Don’t Turn Too Early/Tight

It is important to time your turn carefully. Consider the position of your kart on the track and sharpness of the turn. The best way to make a good turn is by decelerating a bit, start wide but not too wide and aim at the apex of the corner. Then you will be able to accelerate easily and keep your momentum going.

Steering Too Aggressively

Like I mentioned earlier, the kart’s wheel is too sensitive, so it needs to be handled softly. If you turn your steering wheel too sharply, the kart might feel that you want it to go in a straight line and maybe you want it to make a turn. Always steer gently, and your kart will go in the right direction.

Intentionally Bumping Into Others

One might think it is fun to bump to other drivers. It isn’t at all since this might damage the karts and worse cause injuries. When karting, safety is important, and when drivers get too aggressive, the race might be called off to remove the aggressive drivers.

The biggest mistake to make is to go go-karting and not have fun. As you compete with friends, do not focus too much on winning; safety is paramount. As you keep on practising, you will perfect your go-kart skills, and it becomes easy to avoid the mistakes as mentioned above.