Go-kart racing has become a popular sport around the world. There are professional kart racers, while others do it for fun. When doing off-road go-kart racing, you should choose the best off-road go-kart. An ideal outdoor kart should withstand the rough terrains, have the right balance, higher ground clearance, and a considerable speed limit. Below are some of the five best outdoor go-karts

Trailmaster, 300CC XRX Go-Kart

This adult size go-kart is very powerful with the ability to climb an eighteen-degree incline. It has an 8.5-inch ground clearance enabling it to get over obstacles with ease. It can speed up to 50 mph thanks to its 300cc engine. When it comes to safety, it has a safety roll cage padded with foam. The Trailmaster comes with an easy to start battery. Its dual-wheel suspension makes the race smooth even on the rough terrain.

Mototec MT-GK-05 Go-Kart

For kids aged 13 years and above, MT-GK-05 Go is a great choice as it comes with an adjustable seat and a roll cage for safety. It packs a powerful 4-stroke 79.5cc gasoline engine and easy pull start. The MT-GK-05 Go-Kart also has a large ground clearance and gets over obstacles with ease. The rear brake hydraulic disc is foot-operated, and the pneumatic tires make the ride smooth.

Coleman Powersports, KT196

The Powersports KT196 comes with a 4-stroke OHV 6.5HP air-cooled gas-powered engine. It is solidly built with high-grade steel making it strong, sturdy, and durable. Most importantly, it can support up to 400 pounds. The go-kart has ample ground clearance, so it gets over obstacles with ease. Lastly, it features knobby tires which absorb shock and reduce vibration.

Trailmaster 163CC XRX Mini Go-Kart, GTC Industries

The XRX Mini Go-Kart comes with a 163cc engine which produces 5.5hp. It is a 4-stroke air-cooled engine and can attain a speed of up to 25mph. It comes in blue with an excellent body finish and supports up to 400 pounds. The 3.5-inches ground clearance protects it from raised sections and rough road obstacles. The kart has an electric start, a pull start backup, and a remote start key. The shock-absorbing system and knobby pneumatic tires improve the ride.

Razor Dune Buggy

The Razor Dune Buggy is an excellent choice for riders who weigh up to 120 pounds and are of 8 years and above. It has good ground clearance, which makes it easy to move over obstacles on the rough terrain. It also has a commendable shock absorption system and 8-inch knobby tires, which make the ride smooth even on uneven terrain. Dune Buggy comes with a powerful electric motor which can push the kart to a maximum speed of 10mph.

There you have it folks, a review of some of the top five best off-road racing go-karts. Both kids and adults love off-road go-kart racing, especially the bumpy rides. It is an excellent way for family bonding and also for teamwork building. What you need to do is to choose the right go-kart; one that suits you best in terms of speed, weight, power, comfort and skill.